Development teams for projects with ambitious roadmaps.

We build custom applications to suit your business according to your needs.

Accelerate your project within days or weeks with a dedicated development team.

Build or scale up your team with: Full-stack Developers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Solution Architects, UX/UI Designers, QA Engineers, Business Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Scrum Masters

Scale up or complement your in-house team.

Outsource your software development.

Design your app, validate ideas and boost usability.

Improve performance, scalability and reduce costs.

We work with a lot of vendors, and Datakript is, by far, the one we’ve had the fewest problems with during the course of our business.

Rotimi Ologun


Application Security

We ensure enterprise-grade application security through audit, testing, secure development practices, and training.

QA & testing

We make application testing a part of the software delivery cycle as well as offering it as a standalone service.

Business process management

We consult on and engineer custom BPM solutions relying on our business automation expertise and partnerships with market-leading vendors.

Application Development

We engineer digital solutions of any complexity, combining our multidisciplinary tech expertise with industry experience.

Software Product Engineering

From MVP development to post-release support, we help our customers bring their products to market faster and with no pitfalls on the way.

Software implementation strategy

We help companies draw up their short- and long-term software implementation roadmaps. We advocate reasonable software investment while ensuring smooth business transformation through custom solutions and their safe adoption.

IT consulting

Since entering the software development market in 2018, Datakript has been guiding businesses towards more effective operations, services, and products with tailored software solutions. As a software consulting company, Datakript sees its mission in helping companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacity, business requirements, employees’ needs, and customers’ expectations.

24/7 Support

We’re always available to give answers to all your questions to us.

Custom application development

Itransition builds custom solutions from scratch, ensuring their seamless integration with existing environments and systems.

Platform-based product customization

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and components, we create software with an optimal set of out-of-the-box and custom features.

Legacy application redesign

We redesign outdated systems, refactor their code, migrate legacy apps to newer platforms, and review their architectures to give them a new lease life.

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